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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to add my calendars to Timepage?

No – calendars are handled on the iOS system level, so you don't have to sign into your calendar accounts in Timepage. When you first launch the app, you'll just need to give Timepage access to your calendars.

Can I send invites from Timepage?

Absolutely! When you add people via natural language inputs or the People header, they will receive an invitation through the iOS calendar.

Why do I have to pay for a membership to own Timepage?

The development of Timepage is an ongoing process, one that results in a frequent release of new features. Through the membership model, we are able to financially support the continual development of Timepage, which includes adding suggestions given to us by Timepage's users.

Additionally, a membership model provides the customer the option for experience a seven-day free trial. Instead of charging the user an outright amount immediately, we encourage users to try out Timepage and see if it works for them.

How to I change calendar colors?

If you're not fond of the calendar colors initially assigned by Timepage, you can make changes by:

  1. Opening Menu
  2. Tapping "Preferences"
  3. Choosing "Calendars"
  4. Tapping "Choose Colors"
How do I set my default travel method?

Whether you tend to drive, walk, or bicycle, you can set your default travel method in the "Travel and Directions" preference.

How long is the Timepage free trial?

Timepage offers a seven day free trial from initial download. During these seven days, you can use Timepage in its full capacity, putting to work every feature users get with a membership. After the period ends, you'll need to purchase a membership; otherwise, Timepage will revert to a read-only mode.

What are the differences between the iPhone and iPad versions of Timepage?

For the most part, the iPad and iPhone versions of Timepage are unique only in screen real estate. However, Timepage for iPad does have one exclusive feature: a fullscreen calendar view. With this, Heat Map's calendar will expand to a traditional monthly view, each day containing its events in a class grid format. To view the fullscreen calendar, navigate to Heat Map and press at the top right of the calendar.

To perform a search, either tap "Search" in Menu or swipe in a right to left gesture on the Menu panel.

How do I request a feature in Timepage?

We love receiving ideas for new Timepage features. The easiest way to request a feature is by navigating to "Help" in the Timepage Menu and tapping "Feature Request." Alternatively, you can visit

Is my data private?

Our system of using iOS calendars in Timepage means that none of your data is sent or stored on any of our servers. Instead, it's stored directly on your device. When we ask certain app permissions, we are using this information to deliver relevant content to you. If you'd like to read more about our privacy policy, you can do so here.

What languages does Timepage support?

Currently Timepage fully supports:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)

Your iPhone must be set to one of these languages for Timepage to appear in that language.

Note: We've chosen to support Brazilian Portuguese due to user numbers, but there is plenty of overlap between the two versions – especially when written. Some Portuguese speakers may need to add Brazilian Portuguese in the iOS Settings app under General > Language & Region. By tapping "Add Language," you can add Brazilian Portuguese as a second option followed by English. After doing this, apps will first attempt to function in Portuguese (pt-PT), then Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR), then English.

Does Timepage work with Siri?

Yes, but indirectly. When you want to add an event to your calendar, Siri will actually add it to the stock Calendars app, followed by Timepage. This process is instant, and all you have to tell Siri is to "Add (your event) to my calendar for (date, time)."

Is there to-do support?

By itself, Timepage does not have built-in to-do support. However, through our integration with our app Actions, you can bring over your tasks and act on them in Timepage. To find out more, visit Actions in Timepage.

Is Timepage draining my battery?

We've optimized Timepage to run effectively on your device. If, in iOS' battery settings, you see Timepage taking up a significant chunk of your battery usage, this doesn't necessarily mean that Timepage is the source of your draining battery. In the battery screen, these numbers are relative – for example, if Timepage has used 20% of your battery, it has only used 20% of the battery you've used thus far. Therefore, if you still have a battery at 95%, Timepage has used 1%. When considering Timepage's impact on your battery, consider how much of the overall battery you've used and what percentage of that drain Timepage makes up.